Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Middle East, Flash Point of the World

Please plan to attend The Republican Club at Heritage Ranch dinner meeting being held on March 27 at 5:30 P.M. in the Heritage Ranch Ballroom.

Social Hour, Roaming Bar Service:  5:30-6:00, Dinner: 6:00-7:00. Speaker begins at 7:00. To register please go to this link

You do not have to be a Heritage Ranch resident to attend this exciting presentation.

Our March program will address the Geopolitical and Military Situation in the Middle East. 

Dr. Roby Barrett - Expert & Author on the Middle East
Dr. Roby C. Barrett is a scholar and Gulf expert with the Middle East Institute, Washington, DC, and a Senior Fellow at the Joint Special Operations University of US Special Operations Command, where he also has been an instructor for applied intelligence. He is a briefer and subject matter expert with Special Operations—US Central Command. He provides support to various US government organizations including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the National Defense University, the State Department, and the intelligence community.

Key Updates, Summary of our Van Taylor Austin Trip.
Assistance Always appreciated, There is still a need for individuals to assist with cleaning up after the meetings. 
For any further information, check the Club’s Blog at or contact:

Ted Puchacz, 2017 RCHR President of the Republican Club at Heritage Ranch at 972-363-0717 or

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